No Enemy to Conquer

Baylor University Press Spring 2009 catalog announces

Forgiveness often seems impossible in today’s conflicted world. This welcome book presents stories of real men and women of different faiths and cultures reaching out to reconcile with others, previously deemed their "enemies." A wide range of commentators includes Archbishop Tutu, Chief Rabbi Jonathan Sacks, Rajmohan Gandhi, Benazir Bhutto, and the Dalai Lama. In addition, scholars amplify the stories from the perspectives of their disciplines. The result is a multi-layered, multi-voiced call to understand forgiveness and know that peace is always possible.

'A timely and necessary book from the pens of distinguished public figures and writers. Henderson presents a humane and thoughtful guidebook to the troubled times we live in.'– Martin Bell OBE UNICEF UK Ambassador

ISBN 978-1-60258-140-1 / 1-60258-140-1 |  220 pages | 6 x 9 | Paper | January 2009


King’s birthday marked

(from the  left) Eliane and Andrew Stallybrass, archivist and historian of Caux, King Michael, and Danielle Maillefer, first Secretary-General of the Princess Margarita Foundation, present a copy of No Enemy to Conquer to King Michael of Romania at the Elizabetha Palace in Bucharest on the occasion of his 90th birthday (25 October 2012).
Photo credit: Daniel Angelescu

Baylor University Press in Texas saw an article by me on an American website and asked if I would do a book for them.

We settled on a book that could contribute to better relations with the Muslim world. After I had written the stories of those who had worked for this aim I then asked experts in the field to add their comments which contributed to a broader understanding of the issues. The Dalai Lama wrote the foreword. The publisher described the book as ‘forgiveness with teeth’.

The author is interviewed by Nadia Bousmina, Algeria/UK, Economist, trainer and interpreter (Photo: Maria Grace)The author is interviewed by Nadia Bousmina, Algeria/UK, Economist, trainer and interpreter (Photo: Maria Grace)The book was launched in Britain at St Ethelburgas, a Christian church in the City of London which had been partially destroyed by an IRA bomb and was later restored as a centre of understanding between faiths. It was where my parents were married and I was christened. A rabbi, an imam and Christian figures spoke at the occasion. It has led to my speaking at many interreligious functions including an event hosted by the Cordoba Foundation, at the Parliament of World Religions in Melbourne and at the Edinburgh Festival of Spirituality. It was launched in Washington at the US Institute of PeaceMichael Henderson and David Smock (Photo: Kathy Aquilina)Michael Henderson and David Smock (Photo: Kathy Aquilina)