All Her Paths are Peace

Women Pioneers in Peacemaking

All her paths are peace

Women pioneers in peacemaking. 16 stories of women whose daring acts have made a difference in the world. Foreword by the Dalai Lama.

Now in its fifth printing. 175 pages paperback

ISBN 1-56549-034-7 Kumarian Press

British and American copies available from  Amazon.

"Thanks to Michael Henderson, another piece of women's history will not be forgotten." (Nancy Woodhull, President, National Women's Hall of Fame)

"What Michael Henderson so powerfully and eloquently teaches us is that we all have the ability to play the roles of peacemaker and reconciler. The women he shows are not at first glance extraordinary people, they are ordinary women who rise to meet extraordinary challenges." (Naomi Tutu, Lecturer, University of Connecticut)

Author with publisher Krishna Sondhi (centre) and staff at launching of ‘All Her Paths Are Peace’


"Michael Henderson has done it again! He puts together engrossing stories of some of the true great heroines of peace in the world - women who truly have addressed that treacherous business of people living together in some kind of harmony." (Georgie Anne Geyer, Syndicated columnist)

"Here is something very rare – a genuinely inspiring book. We are often told that we can make a difference. Mr. Henderson recounts the stories of remarkable women who made a difference by helping to bring peace to their communities. And he tells it grippingly." (John O’Sullivan, Editor, National Review)