Forgiveness: Breaking the Chain of Hate

Cover of the Forgiveness: Breaking the chain of hate							Michael Henderson writes about remarkable people of many nations and faiths who have broken the chain of hate and the hold of history. Survivors of the Burma Railway, the Siberian Gulag and Nazi atrocities forgive those who tormented them; representatives of entire peoples, Australian Aborigines, African-Americans, black South Africans, are reconciled with whites who exploited them; offenders find the grace to apologise.

187 pages paperback

ISBN: 1-58151-050-0
ISBN 1-85239-03
Grosvenor Books
Published in the UK in March 2002, simultaneously with a second edition in USA, both with a foreword by Rajmohan Gandhi. British and American copies available from Amazon. Also available in Russian and German.



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"This book is evidence that the stuff of forgiveness is sterner than suspected. It does not condone evil, and evil, on its part, cannot extinguish the power of forgiveness." (Rajmohan Gandhi)

"Forgiveness is not an easy option. It is costly and difficult. The way into the process is by understanding. That also is hard. Forgiveness and understanding must lead to reconciliation and reconciliation will send us into a deeper knowledge of our common humanity. It is only when we recognize that we all share one world and have an equal right to justice and fair dealing that we shall progress. This book points us in that direction." (Terry Waite CBE)

"Our Sustainer describes himself as Ghaffar, the Often Forgiving. In a world torn apart by hatred and the thirst for revenge, the call for forgiveness is timely and urgent. Michael Henderson's book is a reminder to us of the divine message of tolerance, forbearance and forgiveness. His elegant style and evident conviction speak directly to the heart of the reader." (Dr Zaki Badawi, Chair of the Imams and Mosques Council of Great Britain)


Russian hardback cover Russian paperback cover"Wenige Bücher haben mich so sehr bewegt und bestärkt darin, welche heilvollen Kräfte in unserem Glauben, welche Dynamik in dieser Gebetsbitte Jesu Vergib uns unsere Schuld, wie auch wir vergeben unseren Schuldigern stecken – wenn wir sie nur ernstnehmen. Das Wunderbare an Hendersons Berichten ist es nun, wie Menschen durch die Macht des Vergebenkönnens diese eiserne Spirale der Gewalt aufbrechen konnten, wie sie befreit und geheilt wurden, wie sie wieder in die Zukunft blicken konnten. Und das gilt für Opfer wie für Täter.. " (Pfarrer Niklaus Peter, FRAUMÜNSTER – PREDIGTEN, 23 September 2007)

Forgiveness for Clinton

Rev Dr Paige Chargois presents to President Bill Clinton a copy of ‘Forgiveness: Breaking the Chain of Hate’

Rev Dr Paige Chargois presents to President Bill Clinton a copy of Forgiveness: Breaking the Chain of Hate
Official White House Photo 09MAR2000