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The following books are available from Amazon and other online suppliers of out-of-print books:

A Great Gamble

Turning enemies into friends
Caux Books 2006

Stories of those who’ve risked it! Six talks broadcast on Radio Dawn, Nottingham, UK. "The stories in this booklet are very moving. They show that the human spirit of forgiveness is one of the most powerful energies we possess. If this can be harnessed then we can create a peaceful world." (From the foreword by Imam Musharaff Hussain.)

Spanish translation available here

From India With Hope

Grosvenor Books 1972

This was my first book. It was written in India in 1971. My wife and I were travelling through India with a musical review Anything to Declare of which I was part author. We were helping Rajmohan Gandhi’s programme for ‘a clean, strong and united India’. I was very impressed by what his work was achieving and I said to him that he ought to write a book about it. He said he didn’t have the time and suggested that I should do it. We had at that point three weeks of rest between shows and so I set to it. It was published in London and launched by the Indian High Commissioner Apa Pant

Experiment With Untruth

India Under Emergency

Macmillan India 1977
South Asia Books
Grosvenor Books

Perhaps one of the most unexpected, interesting and intensive periods in my life was the writing and seeing through of this book, which included doing most of it secretly in India and involved three visits to the country. In 1976 at a turbulent period in Indian political life a good friend, Rajmohan Gandhi, was editing the journal Himmat which was one of the few publications willing to oppose the anti-democratic developments publicly. Some of us in Britain were worried about his safety and a photographer colleague of mine, David Channer, wrote, without consulting me, offering to come with me to India to see if we could do anything to help. Gandhi responded enthusiastically and I couldn’t very well back out!

When I got to India Rajmohan asked if I would write with his assistance a book about what was going on and he would help. Thanks to his help I had many doors opened to me including the chance to meet Jayaprakash Narayan. Experiment with Untruth is the result of six weeks work underground. It started off under a pseudonym, Jack Carpenter, a long dead uncle’s name. Back home I was rejected by more than thirty publishers. Most feared for their company interests if they were seen to be involved.

However, when democracy was restored and it became safe to do everything openly, Macmillans India agreed to publish and I went out again to rewrite the book in different circumstances. It was launched in India by George Fernandes, one of the leading underground figures and later cabinet minister, Soli Sorabjee, Solicitor General in the new government and the British High Commissioner. The English edition was launched in London at Chatham House by the Indian High Commissioner N.G. Goray.

Books of radio talks:

Three books of radio talks given on public radio stations in Oregon, A Different Accent, On History’s Coattails and Hope for a Change. They are out of print but sometimes available online.

A Different Accent

Grosvenor Books 1985

"A Different Accent should be on every America’s – certainly every thinking American’s bookshelf. Henderson speaks simply, clearly and unjudgingly, also with frequent humor."
(Cincinnati Enquirer)

"A Different Accent reflects his belief that the United States, in spite of its shortcomings, stands as a symbol of hope for most of the world’s people and that individuals can and do make a difference in shaping world affairs."
(George Washington Honor Medal citation)

On History’s Coattails

Grosvenor Books 1988

"His perspective is universal. He also exhibits a remarkable ability to see both sides of a situation. The result is opinions that do not come across as opinionated."
(Christian Science Monitor)

"Michael Henderson is a poignant storyteller illuminating the joys, foibles and tragedies of mankind. On History’s Coattails makes you feel life more deeply and thus understand it with more hope."
(Georgie Anne Geyer)

Hope for a Change

Grosvenor Books 1991

"An absorbing, thoughtful, erudite, humorous, and touching book – in short it touches on the gamut of human emotions and experiences. It is well worth browsing through, reading intently, re-reading and digesting – but never lend it to anyone, it would never be returned."
(The Sunday Gleaner, Jamaica)

"Earthy, personal, punctuated with humor, spiced with his Christian convictions, but above all: compulsive listening. Full marks to Grosvenor Books for converting Henderson’s sound waves into a volume of compulsive reading that’s soundly at home on bookshelves of Christian bookstores, but optimistic enough to fill space in general bookstores also."
(European Christian Bookstore Journals)