Forgiveness: Breaking the Chain of Hate

Cover of the Forgiveness: Breaking the chain of hate
							Michael Henderson writes about remarkable people of many nations and faiths who have broken the chain of hate and the hold of history. Survivors of the Burma Railway, the Siberian Gulag and Nazi atrocities forgive those who tormented them; representatives of entire peoples, Australian Aborigines, African-Americans, black South Africans, are reconciled with whites who exploited them; offenders find the grace to apologise.

187 pages paperback

ISBN: 1-58151-050-0

EUR: ISBN 1-85239-03
Grosvenor Books

Published in the UK in March 2002, simultaneously with a second edition in USA, both with a foreword by Rajmohan Gandhi. British and American copies available from Amazon. Also available in Russian.

No Enemy to Conquer

No Enemy to ConquerForgiveness often seems impossible in today’s conflicted world. This welcome book presents stories of real men and women of different faiths and cultures reaching out to reconcile with others, previously deemed their "enemies." A wide range of commentators includes Archbishop Tutu, Chief Rabbi Jonathan Sacks, Rajmohan Gandhi, Benazir Bhutto, and the Dalai Lama. In addition, scholars amplify the stories from the perspectives of their disciplines. The result is a multi-layered, multi-voiced call to understand forgiveness and know that peace is always possible. A timely and necessary book from the pens of distinguished public figures and writers. Henderson presents a humane and thoughtful guidebook to the troubled times we live in.– Martin Bell OBE UNICEF UK Ambassador

220 pages

ISBN 978-1-60258-140-1 / 1-60258-140-1 
Baylor Press

The Forgiveness Factor

The Forgiveness Factor by Michael Henderson
							Stories of hope in a world of conflict. “The Forgiveness Factor lifts the spirits. It is a record of how the inspired sanity of policy and the attendant physical reconstruction of nations have come through forgiveness,” Kim Beazley Sr., 32 years in the Australian Parliament.

“This important book provides an inspirational reference for those inclines to the spiritual call of peacemaking,” Douglas M. Johnson, Executive Vice President, Center for Strategic and International Studies, USA.

290 pages

ISBN: 1-85 239-024-7
Publisher: Grosvenor Books



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