A message of thanks to hosts from the Queen The author as an evacuee in BostonThe evacuee today The story of British evacuees to North America in World War II, by Michael HendersonHendersons in Caux sixty years ago for FamilyWith mother in 1940. Father is already in the army. Children at the Actors' Orphanage excited at news about going to America SS Duchess of York Evacuees on the 'Duchess of York' Arrival telegramme Arrival is front page news Host, Walter Hinchman, as a cricketer in Philadelphia in 1897 Hinchman home in Milton, Massachusetts English children including Hendersons at home of Sylvia Warren Michael and Gerald are introduced at Hinchman home to American football With Jinny and Teddy Baseball team at camp: author second from right, seated And at the lake Plane spotting was done from Milton Academy chapel US Air Force Certificate Visit from father to Milton while on mission to Washington, DC HMS Patroller Evacuees on escort carrier Book launch at Dartmouth House: author with Sir Martin Gilbert and Valerie Mitchell, Director-General of the English-Speaking Union Author signing book at Dartmouth House launch Signing a book for President Hilary King JP after speaking to the ESU in Liverpool in April 2008. Behind are the author's brother and sister-in-law, Gerald and Judith Henderson.