Friday, July 7, 2017

This is a profound and important book about Mahatma Gandhi by his grandson, Rajmohan. It draws on Rajmohan’s personal memories of his grandfather, a wide reading of The Mahatma's own words and a critical study of the Indian leader's actions. All this is seen through the lens of his own efforts to give a lead and his sense of the crucial importance of addressing unfinished issues that Gandhi tackled vigorously, like Hindu-Muslim relations, issues that the country still faces. As he points out, ‘We must acknowledge that hate continues to flow between Indian and Indian.’

Rajmohan Gandhi does not shy away from looking at inconsistencies and controversial views and his grandfather’s unsuccessful efforts to preserve a united India. He has a chapter on his grandfather’s vexed relationship with Churchill.

The book will help us all to understand why the Mahatma has been able to have such an influence on the development of non-violent means of building peace. ‘He wanted the Indian people to fight but also love the British. As a result India under Gandhi presented the world a new if strange way of fighting.’

Rajmohan Gandhi by a statue of his grandfather during a visit to Hull